Syed Ali Moiz

Why do I write?

It began with secrets, a lot of secrets. I tried keeping them to myself, but they always found a way to break free from the confines of my mind and into the wide world of expectations and disappointments. And so, I had to find a way to manifest my feelings and thoughts (to keep me from going insane) and to not be too explicit and obvious with my words. 

Why walk, talk and click?

About two and a half years ago, I developed a strange habit of taking long walks. Strolling around the streets with my earphones plugged in, I gazed at the sky and thought about how beautiful it is to just be silent sometimes. So, as contradictory as this may sound, I kept walking around the block, because I had realized that the calm subtlety of silence is as dear a treasure as the relieving feeling of articulation and expression.

Welcome to my website

I have built this website to encapsulate my love for words and for pictures, I am still fairly new to the “blogging” scene, but am hoping to make this website a way to connect with readers around the world who are passionate about poetry, literature, music and photography.

Beautiful Poetry Video

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