Syed Ali Moiz – University Student

About Me

Currently enrolled in the BBA department at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) while pursuing a ‘blockchain specialist’ course in the field of computer science.

Believing in the power of variance and the ability to be flexible enough to adapt to the different requirements of complex situations, I have found myself interested in many fields and niches. Unable to satisfy the ‘requirements’ of a singular in-group, I have found myself wandering around different places with different people, because my taste in music never seemed to match-up with any one of my peers.

In the field of sports I am interested in playing cricket and chess, and am also involved in the competitive gaming scene since the last ten years. Apart from these interests, I read, write, and hold a keen interest in the abstract world of theology.

Here is a slideshow of some of my recently taken photographs, and my futile attempt at encapsulating the art of photography and editing without professionally learning too much about either of those.