Brave Browser – An Answer To Google Chrome’s Privacy Problems.

This Essay Is Written On A Personal Level, With Honest Suggestions And Proofs.

Google Chrome used to be the “best” browser. This is so because I came to know about the not-so-bright side of google and their hunger for data. I found out that google sells our data and search habits to retailers such as Amazon & E-bay. Hence, the hunt for a more private and secure browser began!

During this time, I enrolled in a course related to blockchain technology and decentralized apps. In this course, I learned a lot about different websites and applications that are open-source (anyone with some basic knowledge of programming could see their source code to detect fraudulent or corrupt activity). One of these applications was the Brave Browser.

I did a fair bit of research and found out that Brave isn’t just free, private and secure because of its opensource nature. It’s also faster than every other browser.

Some further digging into this case revealed that brave was faster because it was doing something no other browser was doing: blocking ads and trackers automatically!

Hence, I started using brave and found a neat little trick that actually got me earning a few extra bucks on the side!

I found out that brave pays it’s “creators” for creating quality content and if a verified creator refers other people to brave, they get paid 5$ per user if the new user uses brave for 1 month.

The trick was simply to keep referring people to brave by creating youtube videos and through word-of-mouth.

So far, I have uploaded a couple of videos guiding other people on how to do this process and start earning money (I have received 35.06$ in 2 months using this approach) and I even showed my YouTube audience the payment proof of those transactions!

If anyone would like some guidance or needs any assistance in the process of setting-up brave browser and earning money (or any other questions) feel free to watch my videos or to email me ( )

Here’s a link to my YouTube channel, where I guide the viewers through the entire process of setting up and using brave to earn money.

Download Brave Browser Here!

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