Commentary on “Shamanic Plant Medicine – Ayahuasca: The Vine of Souls” by ross heaven

Curing Depression – How To Conquer The Evil Within

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In the modern era, lifeguards are trained to jut out one of their legs while attempting to rescue a drowning individual. This concept ties well with the philosophy of healing or curing people who have mental illnesses such as depression. This is so because the aim of the treatment is not merely to save someone who is depressed (and drowning!) it is to rescue them while, simultaneously, saving one’s own self from being dragged into the depths of the sea and its dark waters. On the same note, the author of this passage beautifully addresses the necessary courage and the will to be saved, this is essential because only those who truly want to be redeemed from the shadows of depression can actually be saved.

Consequently, the author shows her unwavering will and displays the strength of her character by making ample use of specific vocabulary such as “I found myself laughing at them,” “I am not scared of you,” and replied to the devil’s disheartening words fearlessly by saying “I can.” This convinces the reader about the possibility of conquering the strongest of darknesses and gives them hope to vanquish the strongest demons and to rise above every hopeless situation, no matter how full of helplessness and despair it may be. Furthermore, the aspect of victory is captured picturesquely by using the phrase of rising higher and higher, until she broke through to a ‘white light’.

Moreover, the author connects with her readers by using anecdotes and helps her visualize the scenario that she experienced under the influence of her therapeutic drug. This is done by providing the readers with subtle, yet intricate, details which are implied by the tone throughout the passage as well as with explicit words like “wailing figures calling out to me,” and “begging me to save them.” This paints a clear picture of terror by repeating the word “never” twice. Additionally, the intensity of the scenario is relayed to the readers visually by using words such as “the darkness became even thicker” and “saw three thrones in a black chamber.” Therefore, the diction and the tone play a vital part in establishing a profound link with the readers.

By the same token, the author masterfully plays with the mind of the readers by using imagery and intriguing her readers from the start by gripping them with a gripping and effective hook “I will never forget what it was like.” Furthermore, the use of imagery can be clearly identified by analyzing how the author creates a scenario of hopelessness and despair by trapping her audiences’ attention to the situation with words such as “overwhelming misery,” “certainty of never-ending suffering,” and finally by making the situation seem inescapable and suffocating with the phrase “the idea of light seemed inconceivable.” This tactic is especially effective because the author later sets up a heroic escape, which gains its wonder and awe from the platform that she had built by making the situation seem impossible to fix initially.

Furthermore, the author makes use of the readers’ emotions and evokes a sense of relatedness inside of them by transporting them to her story and forcing them to embark on a rollercoaster of emotions. This is clearly understood by her tone throughout the passage as well as her explicit use of sentences such as “swirled down a tunnel of fire” which can be further analyzed by breaking apart the word “swirled“ from the rest of the sentence. The use of the word ”swirled“ implies the use of connotation, as the employment of this word goes beyond the literal definition. She uses this word to convey the feelings of confusion and the horrible tricks her mind was playing on her as it made up potential places that she would end up in at the end of this confusing journey. These rhetorical devices play a strong impact to make the reader initially ‘connect’ with the story, as well as to make them glued to their pages by establishing a strong ‘link’ with them as the story progresses. In summary, the author does a marvelous job of intriguing the readers throughout her story and making them understand that even in the depths of despair and confusion, it is possible to find a path that leads to salvation.

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